3D printing Newbie and looking for guidance

Guess these questions have been asked ad nauseam here but I will go ahead and repeat them

  1. Ive done one print so far and everything seems to have been very straight up ready to go out of the box and assembly … I am wondering if I need to do any step calibrations as it has been running so simply or would these just be a waste of filament and time at this point Printer was purchased less than 2 weeks ago

  2. When doing photo quality lithopanes would changing nozzles to a smaller nozzle increase quality ?

3 what are the factory defaults for home position ? is it reccommended to change ?

4 are there any set formulas for nozzle size/ material/ temp and print speeds ?

5 Why is the Ender printer so far off compared to creality slicer for time estimations ? Is this a printer calibration issue or software settings issue ? or an issue that really is not an issue ?

6 considering I am usng this for hobby/crafting should I be looking at different slicers or will creality draw /slicer be adequate ?