Can only print using the raft

Brand new to 3d printing, trying to get everything figured out.

I’m having issues with adhesion to the bed.
Seems like the only way I can get a successful print is using the raft setting.

i’d really like to get away from that if possible and use something like the brim. However every time i try that, it prints faster than the raft settings it seems like, and drags the filament across.

Anyone have any ideas?

Sounds to me like you havent got the Z offset correct. Calibrate the printer then drop the Z offset by 0.05/0.1mm and it should be good without brim/raft.

I spent forever doing the bed level and z offset. Before it wouldn’t print anything. It now prints the objects perfectly…with raft.

Im afraid if I mess with it any more it’ll screw up and i’ll have to spend days again fixing it