Can't find pieces for my cr10 v3

I’m actively looking for a spare part to change my cr10 v3 nozzle kit just as it came from the factory. I can’t find any nozzle kit with the right adapter (to attache the direct drive). I only found nozzle kit without adapter and wrong screw thread (can’t use the original adapter) from non official brand. Can you help me please?

Thank you very much

Hi @matoubrillant welcome to the forums.

I believe the CR10 V3 uses the MK8 type nozzles.

Here is a link to the nozzles on the Creality store:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

thank you for your help I wrote nozzle kit but thought hotend kit. if you have an idea.
Thank you very much

You’re very welcome, if you are looking for a replacement hotend you may be able to source one directly from Creality. I am not 100% sure if the Spider V2 or Spider V3 hotends fit the CR10 V3 but might be worth contacting customer support for clarification. You can contact them via:

There are also third party hotends available for the V3 such as the Micro-Swiss hotends.

Hope you manage to find the replacement you need :slight_smile:

Speaking of hotend kits I saw Micro-Swiss advertising them for the K1 / K1 Max. A little pricey but I’m wondering if anyone has got one yet…

I have heard of a few people that have ordered them and have had great success with them, being able to change nozzles without heating the hotend seems quite nice too. I am tempted to get one when my K1 is back up and running properly :slight_smile:

@Nikoli ,

I did a search on E b a y. Found quite a few. I wonder if those will fit…?

Yeah I have seen quite a few “compatible” kits on eBay but I always wonder how many mods, tweaks or workarounds would be needed to get it working properly and efficiently :smiley:

I have created a new thread for K1 hotend chatter so hopefully some people with experience of the third-party hotends will share their feedback :slight_smile:

K1 / K1 Max Hotends

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