Clunk sound + other issue.enderv1

Right got all sorted after mainboard failure had a few prints ok but now I’ve got a new issue or two:-

1, when I first got my ender 3 v1 it was making a clunking sound on the extruder motor, Goggle suggested a Dual gear extruder which I have purchased and installed, but the clunk sound is back with a vengeance ( ) how do I solve this issue ?

2, my prints aren’t finishing as can be seen in the pic, and it seems when this happens the pla in the Bowden Tube get stuck and won’t pull back or push threw and it snaps off in the tube, what will solve this ?

The pic is meant to be a Vertical T-Rex Skull from the Thingiverse website using the Creality slicer software (fully updated) using standard quality print.

I’m in Telford Shropshire UK, does anyone know of anywhere nearby that does maintenance on 3d printers nearby

Also I’ve just managed to pull the pla out of blocked Bowden tube and I don’t if it’s just me or does the pla look a bit swollen at the one end