Constant partial clogs causing weakness in my prints

I think that the nozzle was put on incorrectly, any other ideas?

Hi @gingerE
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That would cause problems… yup…

Can you give us a few more details about your machine and what filaments, temp and maybe pics would help… :smiley:

this is what it looked like, it was in layers and had lines like a clog.
I am using PLA filament at a temperature of 220 degrees.

To check whether the nozzle is correctly fitted you should warm up the nozzle and then check that its not loose. If it is do not over-tighten it and be sure to support the hotend with the supplied spanner when making adjustments to the nozzle to prevent twisting.

Does anyone know if there is a help line I can call to ask questions?

Here is a link to all the available contact routes:

Creality Support Contact Info

thank you!