CP 5.0 fails but 4,3,8 is fine

Rather simple part, a 50 x 50mm tube cover. Sliced in 5.0, sent to printer V3 SE with Sonic Pad, it prints quite happily upto about 4mm high when the nozzle seems to stay at the same Z height, still extruding and smashes the nozzle through the layer it will do this until I press stop. Same part sliced in 4.3.8, sent to same printer with same Sonic Pad and it prints without hitch. Not compared the gCode line for line yet.

Z offset perfect, perfect adhesion, running PETG not that that should matter.

Updated to the latest version of CP5.0.8744 and the Z height problem is even worse, totally unusable now. Sticking with 4.3.8.

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