Cr10s pro v2 heater diagnosis

I am having heating problems on my cr10s pro v2 resulting in no extrusion.
I have watched several You tube clips about faulty thermistors but they deal with display temperatures not increasing which is not the problem I have.
When I set the nozzle temperature to 200 deg C, the display shows it increasing normally until it reaches the preset where it stops and remains.
However, checking the heater block with a known accurate infrared thermometer shows the heater not going above 130 deg C.
Testing the bed at 60 deg C shows the bed temperature is accurate.
Just prior to this, I also had two heating failure alarms while heating up the nozzle.
I assume I have either a faulty thermistor or mainboard ???
I’m leaning toward the board, but can anyone please let me know how to properly diagnose which it is ???

what happens when you set the temp to, idk, 250? Is there a temp where it is accurate? You can also check the resistance of the thermistor. Should be 100k Ohms.
There’s a lot of config data available too. Try: