Crash when autohome initiates

I have an ender 3s1 pro which has worked for a year and a half. I recently got a calibration print successfully done and when i went to use it today it goes all the way to the left pas the end stop for 2 or 3 seconds then picks the nozzle up and smashes it down in to the bed so hard the bed bends. it does not stop trying to go down till the firmware errors out. this is when you turn the device on mind you. it has a default firmware that was updated in 2022 to support the laser module back when purchased Ender-3S1Plus_HWv24S1_301_SWV2.0.8.25F4_F401_FDM_LASER. I had not made any changes to the unit and the calibration print was to verify shrinkage and other errors but no changes made to the printer at the time due to a .01% or less difference from what the object should be as generated in the stl. Ender-3S1Plus_HWv24S1_301_SWV2.0.8.26F4_F401_FDM_LASER is the latest available.

I’m just new to this hobby but it sounds as if the Z sensor on the side has stopped working

ended up needing the ribbon cable re-seated. after that was done it went back to normal.