Creality Power Boost kit Announcement

Looks like they are getting ready to finally ship those kits. Yeah…!! :star_struck:
I know I sent in a code to get the discount for a K1 because the original extruder was really bad… I actually found a replacement on Ebay that worked pretty good.

K1 Power Boost Kit

Can you post the replacement you’ve found? Is it different from stock one?

Back in July I bought an extruder for my K1 which I’ve since sold for a K1 Max. You can search for a K1 extruder on Ebay and find one. I didn’t know this at the time but there is no guarantee you will get the upgraded extruder from a seller on Ebay. I took a chance. :face_with_peeking_eye:They all will ship from China though and will take a few weeks in some cases… I did notice the price now has gone up to over $50.
The upgraded extruder is basically the same except it’s made from a different metal and some other changes to make it work much better.