E3v3 SE Blue Screen/ hot end and bed heats up

Turn printer on and got a blue screen. Also notice both the Hot End and the bed heats up. I have tried re-flashing the firmware using both available (using multiple cards and labeling the file 123.bin or firware.bin, screen takes the flash) but main board will not take the flash. Also unplugged the Extruder cable and turned on but still same blue screen.
I have opened the bottom of the case and check that I am getting 24VDC, and voltage is stable at 24vdc. Also notice that there is not status light flashing on the main board. The light is not illuminated at all.
I have plugged a computer into the USB-C and the computer is not registering that there is a printer attached.
Does anyone have any other ideas or is my Main Board fried?

Check the voltage selector switch, is it 230 or 115v? It defaults to 230.

Its on 115VAC and the power supply is putting out 24VDC

There is a blue fuse on the mainboard, has that blown? It is a blue fuse.

replaceable blue fuse is good and board fan runs, is there a soldiered fuse on the board as well

I have the same problem and contacted the supplier. They contacted creality and the conclusion was the mainboard failed.
I will recieve a new mainboard in the coming weeks from creality.
Will see or this solve the problem.

I was afraid of that