Ended 3 V3 KE - Nozzle anomaly / Nozzle wipe anomaly

Please help. The printer was working fine and now it’s not working properly when it comes to Z- leveling.

It won’t go past the third step of the startup process on the self check. The nozzle cleaning part.


sounds like the piezo ceramic sensor, ( its under the front left solid mount as you look at the printer)

check the connections to it as well as to the little board that controls it under the bed it may of become loose from the vibrations of the printer

i think it can also happen when the bed isnt fully tight down to the solid mounts

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Thank youuu!!!
I noticed the level of bar that holds the nozzle motor (sorry. Bad with terms here) was slanted! I guess one side got stuck on a clip holding the glass plate and it shifted a whole rotation up on one side.
I balanced out the bar and it works now :sweat_smile: gotta be more vigilant on where I place those clips!

Currently running the test and it seems good so far! But if it decides to stop again, I’ll check the sensors :blush:

Thank you so much for your speedy reply

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The x gantry that will be :blush:

No problem glad you’re sorted. Sounds like it expected that the sensor should have been higher throwing the error up. Would have thought an auto z calibration would have sorted it. Yeah you still would of had a un-level x gantry

We don’t go to bed without learning one or two things that day

Happy printing