Ender 3 S1 pro issue - uncontrolled retract

Hello all,

I use a Ender 3 S1 pro with Cura slicer. I bought the printer in January 2023.
Since a few weeks, I face the issue, that the printer suddenly starts retracting; only a little bit but very fast. The gearwheel on top of the extruder goes back and forth multiple times within milliseconds Creating a loud and fast “tac tac tac tac” sound. First, it was only sometimes, but now it keeps on doing this for minutes. Even when printinng a surface i.e. 60mm x 60mm which doesn’t require retract at all. As a result there is no filament or only verly little filament extruded.
I tried reducing the printing speed and increased the nozzle temperature.

I’d be glad if anybody could provide a solution to my problem. Thanks a lot.

BR Theodor

I had a stepper go bad on a MicroSwiss NG, it would do that ticking thing, turns out a replacement cable was needed, might look into that, cheapest option. If that fails then it could be stepper drivers on the mainboard, is there an upgrade path for the motherboard you could do at the same time?

Hello Bonfireman,

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll start with the cables. Sometimes the simplest failure is the root cause. Once I’m sure that I have the solution, I’ll let you know.

BR Theo