Ender 3 v2 stops Printing

Hello everyone

I keep having problems printing with my Ender 3 v2.

The board is well leveled, but the prints still keep breaking off.

E.g. I try to create these whistles and it keeps breaking off in various places.

If the print were to break off in the first few layers then I would go for the distance, but everything always looks good there. I’ve already replaced the nozzle.

The temperature block also shows me that I should print at 200 degrees.

Do you have a tip for me?

Thank you

It looks like under extrusion.
Look at the filament that went through your extruder. The extruder should be leaving tiny grooves in the filament.

Hi @kiki and welcome to the forums.

When you say they break off… do you mean they come loose from the print bed?

If so try cleaning your bed with IPA or soapy water to remove any traces of grease or debris to help improve bed adhesion.

A couple things here you might want to check.

It looks like you are using silk PLA and that needs a little higher temp. Try bumping it up to 220-230 and watch how it goes…

Silk PLA tends to be more hydroscopic (soaks up humidity) so make sure the filament is dry.

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