Ender 3 v3 SE the nozzle knocks down the part

Hello. In order for the first layer to stick, i have to increase the flow of the first layer.

And Reality Print, after calibration, “recommended” increasing the entire stream to 120.
Probably because of this, the part becomes higher than expected and after about 30 layers, the nozzle begins to cling to the part and knocks it off the table.
What am I doing wrong?
Is it normal when the nozzle strikes the part?

If I lift the z axis, the first layer stops sticking. What should I do?

Level your bed mesh and adjust the z offset after it on each point. The bed adhesion issue is very common with the stock sheet so try to replace it with PEI or glass.

In the meantime clean your bed thoroughly with IPA and soap to avoid greasy stuff.

Over extrusion is not recommended because it generates that issue and also poor quality objects.