Ender3 v3 ke connection issues

alright, this is the first forum post I have made in probably 10+ years.

Got a ender 3 v3 ke simply because the ease of use.
unboxed, set up, good to go. go to put in my wifi password, and find out the keyboard has two " - " and zero " _ “. id rather not have to change my wifi password for everything else.
I reached out to customer service and asked if there was a workaround or if it was coming in a firmware update.
Got no helpful info. only response was " just change the wifi password or use a USB”

well to get the printer to print I can hotspot my phone to connect and print. it works ok. but not ideal.
tried a USB and it does nothing.

why cant they just put a underscore on the !@#!%@ password keyboard.

Hi @Fr0g and welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately some devices are unable to decipher special characters so therefore the input option for some special characters is not available. In this instance your best bet would be to change your WIFI so that it does not use any special characters.

On most wifi routers you can create a guest login. This would allow for the printer to login with its own password. Also you can restrict what the printer can do on the guest network.