Ender3 V3 KE Homing extruder Issue

Using the Creality_Print Software with the CEV3SE_1-Boat model, the extruder instead of printing in the center of the bed it print to the far right side.
During the calibration phase the extruder does not go the far left end-stop.
While in the Creality_Print Software I have opened the DEVICE Tab and then the CONTROL TAB. When the home icon is activated the Extruder moves the right some. When the home icon is activated it moves further right. By doing this it eventual hits the right rail.
Please any thoughts on the issue. Thanks

Hi @PeterM welcome to the forums!

I would recommend checking over the printer for anything loose and would also recommend checking that your voltage selection switch is in the correct position for your region if it has one.

It could also be that the CEV3SE_1-Boat model has been sliced in a way that it is deliberately position at that area of the bed. You could also try re-slicing the file and seeing if the issue persists.