Falcon 2 - Alternative to using SD-Card


Just tought I’d share my experience.
I got my Falcon 2 about 2 weeks ago.
I still haven’t had time to play with it much - waiting to make some room and have a proper way to expell the smoke/fumes outside - that should come soon :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I started looking around for alternatives to use an SD card to take my g-code to the laser. I hate playing with these small cards and I always end up loosing them.

This is the same route I took with my CR-10s 3D printer a couple years ago and it saves a LOT of time.
After some research, I found that there is a pluggin for OctoPrint that works with laser engraver! It runs on a Raspberry PI and offers a web page to control my laser engraver!

IMPORTANT - Even if this allows you to control your engraver from the distance, you should ALWAYS be present at the laser when somethig is being engraved/cut! It’s a fire hazard! It is YOUR responsibility. We’ve seen too many accidents…think about it!!!

So Octoprint allows me to drag/drop my GCode files from my computer to the web interface, home/move the laser head, arrange my projects in folders, start the one I need, etc… It even supports Framing the project right from it’s web interace! If you plug a WebCam to your Raspberry, you can even see and place your project to the right place before printing! Finally, it allows me to start my project from my Cell Phone or tablet - this way I don’t have to install or carry a laptop to the garage where I’ll be installing the Falcon 2.

If interested, you can take a look at the following page. It was written 2 years ago so expect to some changes compared to the screen captures, but it should be fairly easy to make your way throught it.
Octoprint for your laser engraver
(as a note, I don’t suggest you change the $n config values as explained in the pluggin page linked from the document)

If you set this up, make sure to share your thoughts!


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