Getting heatbed minitemp error-can't print after resetting

Lately, I have been getting an error as you see. I’ve been printing a RC FrontWheel Loader in ABS on my modified Ender 3: MicroSwiss all metal Hot End direct drive, SKR mini v3 and no problems for the past year, till lately. I have been using Prusa slicr with no problems. Settings for ABS no fans, 243 for nozzle and 110 for bed using various filaments, SunLu, 3m Bumat, Inland no problems.

I have a short movie of the red LED to the lefts side of the SKR Mini v3 but can’t load it up, new here, but anyway it looks like the led is blinking and a sound of “arcing” when the error happens, for about 3-4 secs. Anybody experience this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated