Help with Ender 3 three!

Hi there so I’ve got to ender three 3-D printers I only have one put together and the other one printed just fine for a couple of days and now it doesn’t do anything. So I put a new bed leveler on it downloaded the software on 8 MB or a gigabyte card put it in with through all the steps but nothing works and now the gantry every time I try something it just raises up a little bit more don’t know what’s causing it. So so I went back reinstall the original software list I think I did didn’t seem like it was doing anything and try to again and got the same thing so I’m not sure what to tell you that somebody could help me with this I would love to be able to 3-D print something else I’ve only got three prints off this and that was just for a battery holders. So let me know if you have any advice on this cause I’m pretty how do you say it illiterate so thank you and hi everybody