Help Z not going up with print

so i have had an Ender 3 V2 for a lil under a month and so far have had nothing but problems with it to the point all this time and almost 3 rolls of filliment and I have only gotten one print that came out the way it should have. The issue i am having now is that once i start a print the z wont move up, it will eventually smash into the layers it set down after few times around, i can home it and it goes up and down, move it myself and it goes up and down but once i try to print something, nope. Anyone know what i can try to do to figure this out since customer service through company is pretty much a waste of time,

Hello @Jacob_Nelson

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Sorry you’re having these problems.

After that one print did you update firmware or change anything…?
What slicer are you using…?
Could be a setting there.

I’m running a K1 Max so not familiar with Ender. Just trying to help with some suggestions… :grinning:

not really no, im going to take it all the way apart and rebuild just in case for some reason something is out of alightment or uneve. i jus dont get what would cause it to move fine during homing but not during a print. i noticed on my screen the numbers for z start at zero then min or so later go to 0.2 an stay there till i have to cancel. after canceling it is then at 10.0

I would recommend checking your lead screw and collar that attaches it to the stepper motor and also other moving parts to ensure nothing is binding or slipping.