How to switch off Wifi on Creality Sonic Pad?

Hi all,

I have just received a new Creality Sonic Pad and would like to find out how I can switch off the wifi transmitter inside the Sonic Pad so that it no longer transmits? I will be using the Sonic Pad entirely with a USB cable connection so would prefer to switch off the Wifi transmitter.

Anyone here knows how this can be done? If so I would much appreciate your help in this :wink:

Cheers from Denmark - Jesper M

Cannot turn off WIFI function, need to disconnect from the network.

Hi Collin … Thanks for your feedback - appreciated :wink:

Cheers, Jesper

Hi again. Just in case somebody else would like to do this it can be done by removing the back cover of the Sonic Pad and disconnecting the u.fl cable connector in the top center of the Sonic Pad PCB. I have taped the connector to a free part of the PCB. Works fine and by re-mounting the u.fl connector the wifi should work again (I have not tried this, though). Best regards, Jesper

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That’s great. Can help more users.