Is that silicone cover on the hot end/nozzle really necessary?

I actually took it off on my Ender 3 S1 Pro because it had deteriorated after hours of print and a few nozzle changes. I notice no difference in print quality.

I can understand that it might prevent a user from burning himself… but I always try to make a cold nozzle change, anyway, by fully retracting and extruding the filament.

One thing it does is keep the nozzle temperature even and acts kind of like an insulator…

As far as a nozzle change I always heat up the nozzle before taking it out as recommended for a K1 Max anyways.

Yes, that’s what I meant. I heat up the nozzle in order to retract… and then I extrude to get rid of anything that might be left… and then I let it all cool down before I put my fingers around there and change out the nozzle.

It’s not needed, but will keep your heaterblock alot cleaner.
My old printers didn’t have one and after a few prints the strings made the heaterblock nasty. And cleaning this block is not ideal :laughing:.

As for the burning part, mwahh I can say it’s still very hot for the user to touch when your at 200 degree C. :sweat_smile:

It will keep your temperature a little more steady when printing at high speeds. As cooling and item that is heated can also result in a more steady temperature. But only when the heat is greater than the cold :upside_down_face:

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