Issues with failed.prints

I recently upgraded from an Ender3v2 to the 3Se. It seemed to be going fine…I had a number of successful prints using stock and then purchased a nebula pad. I have now been struggling to get successful prints…they seem to start okay and then fail half way through it later…it looks like the prints get knocked off the bed…but they start okay, so not sure if it is a z offset issue. I have looked at a few vids on YouTube and used the Creality service vid to check bed level. Kind of flying blind…it’s almost like something has come loose that is causing it to fail, but I am not sure what else to check :frowning:

Check the bed screws and also the carriage screws, I had an odd print earlier that I had to keep adjusting the Z offset to stop the nozzle scraping (100% infill rather than gyroid), the carriage screws were very loose causing bed rocking.

Cheers mate. I went through the process of removing the bed and checking screws again as well as tightening ensuring gantry was level and all other screws were tight. TBH I am about to junk it and look at another brand…if I can get a first layer down with some success then it seems to be fine, but the z offset seems to be constantly changing - I mean after every print it seems to be different. And not be a little, but by comparatively larger amounts…I don’t get it.

The frame appears solid and with no wobble…,there is no play in the gantry or hotbed which could account for these differences. :frowning:

At this stage I am wishing I kept my Ender 3v2…it could be finicky but at least I could troubleshoot it.

I at a loss as to what to do next…every time I think I have solved it, the next print fails. I have reverted back to stock marlin and have removed any extra bits I added and just using as card for transfer. Could there be a fault with it that is causing this as it just doesn’t make sense?