K1 Max Initial Setup Fails at Input Shaping

My new K1 Max is unusable. After powering it on, I follow the setup instructions on the screen. When it gets to the Self-Inspection, everything works until it gets to Input Shaping. At that point, the platform tries to move down, hits the bottom of the printer and stops. The extruder moves just a few millimeters, and it too stops. After that, nothing happens for at least 10 minutes until it displays the tip: “Abnormal chatter mark optimization! Please check according to the instructions”

What instruction?

Clicking the OK button just starts the setup over and when it gets to Input Shaping this time, neither the platform nor extruder move.

I cannot get past this initial setup.


Hi, @banjo451 The main board driver IC is damaged, replace the main board. Please contact the after-sales.

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Thank you. Is after sales at cs@creality.com?

Yes,Email Support, Online Contact, Phone Support

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How is your luck with CS going? Any updates?

The new motherboard arrives tomorrow.

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I installed the new motherboard today and ran the setup. Everything worked well and the benchy print looks really good!

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