K1 Max - Small fillet artefacts

Hi all, i I’m brand new to the forum and an amateur priting enthusiast.

I stumbled across a noticeable issue whilst printing some brackets and wanted some feedback and or advice.

I have a feeling that my artefacts are a direct result of using small fillets (radius) on several corner as other aspects of my print where chamfers are used appear to print great, along with the rest of the print.

However, I can’t help but try and understand why the fillets aren’t consistently poor and only appear poor inconsistently through the layers of the print.

I also couldn’t help notice that my slicer (orca) shows the general area of these artefacts when the STL has been sliced.

Would love to know the reason and or fix if at all possible. Thanks in advance.

Hi @BigRedViking89 and welcome to the forums.

I am not 100% sure where the artifacts you are referring to are in the photo but if you are referring to the corner edge then the spots/zits are likely your seam where the nozzle changes layer. You can usually adjust the Z seam alignment within the slicer to change the positioning of said layer changes.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yes it is on the corner. I have more photos but wasn’t able to upload due to being a new user.

This isn’t where the z seam is on my slicer and the same effects occurred on other small fillets.

As you can see no z seam as the z seam is to the far right of the image in white.

Thanks for the follow-up picture that helps a lot.

It looks like that edge of the model is one of the thinner areas and could be a case of the printer is not able to print those corners at a too high speed. It might be worth bringing your print speeds down a little to see if the issue persists.