K1Max messy printings

Hi - my K1Max lastly started printing like on the attched pictures - filament track looks clean - extruder, ptfe tube, hotend. Filament is new.https://drive.google.com/file/d/16GnkRcfIzGV4IrtyOm83blEyx6eSkIVZ/view?usp=sharing

It’s clogged. Use the filament load function, let it extrude the filament a bit, does it come out normally?
Maybe clean the nozzle a bit with the needle while it’s hot.
Then adjust your print profile to something that makes clogs less likely. What material are you printing? Try a bit higher temperature and if you changed things like retract settings etc. also look there. If you print PLA do not put the glass on top and let the door open so that the enclosure does not get too warm.

Everything that @s3sebastian said and also I know you mentioned the filament was new but don’t rule out that it might need to be dried…

OK will try to change the filament - i already tried to unclog hotend with a needle - it seems to be clear.