Laser control softwear

Hi. Hope someone can advise. Bought a laptop to run my Ender 3 V2 Neo printer. I have fitted it with a laser attachment. Didnt realise the softwear light burn wasnt compattable with Chromebook OS.
Laser GBRN is also a windows program and not compatable with chromebook. What programs are others using? (I cant be the only one with a chromebook) thanks Dave

Hello @Fatdwarf3075 Welcome to the Official Creality Forum Creality

I was also curious (don’t have laser yet. :frowning:) about that and after doing some reading it seems that the best way unfortunately would be to get a cheap windows laptop to run the software since all the laser programs require windows OS.

Some users are running Light burn in Chromebook with Linux development enabled.

I’m not at all familiar with Linux so I’d probably use a older windows laptop…