Layer shifts scaring me help please

So recently I have been getting these layer shifts on my Ender 3 v2 and I am looking for some tips on what to do I have take down speed and tensioned belts and I have geared things about mother boards and I don’t have the money to spend on a mother board please help me

For layer shifts check this:

Belt Tension: Ensure your belts are neither too loose nor too tight. Loose belts can cause slippage, leading to layer shifts. Conversely, overly tight belts can strain the motor and make it difficult for the axis to move smoothly. Aim for a balance where the belts are taut but still have a slight give.

Obstructions: Check that nothing obstructs the movement of the printer’s axis. Debris from previous prints or even tangled cables can impede smooth motion.

Lower Acceleration: High acceleration settings (not speed, look for acceleration) can cause the motors to skip steps, resulting in layer shifts.

Stepper Motor Issues: Problems can arise from too low stepper motor currents, broken wires, or faulty drivers. Ensure that the motor current settings are adequate for your specific motors if all other steps didn’t help. Check the wiring for any breaks or loose connections, and if the problem persists, it could also be the stepper drivers (the main board) this would be the worst case. The motors themselves are usually robust and less likely to be the root cause.

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You need to reduce the retraction distance (or do no retraction) because that is the probably cause of your layershifting.