Max Neo - Print Not Sticking to the Bed / Not Enough PLA Extruding?

I recently received a Max Neo. I chose it because of the 0.05 layer height. It printed the tug and the bunny perfectly. Plus 2 other prints.

Still using PLA, I replaced the 0.4 nozzle with a 0.2 and the print keeps failing. I’ve trammed the bed, run leveling, and cleaned the surface with 91% Isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth. My first layer is set at 0.4, my line width is 0.2, and the bed temp is set to 70. I added a brim. The lines are not sticking to each other, or the bed. Is the printer not extruding enough PLA or do I need to try hairspray on the bed? Ant thoughts would be appreciated!

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Just curious as to why you switched to a .2 nozzle…
What did you change in the slicer settings for the .2 nozzle change…?


I switched to the 0.2 nozzle because my project has a lot of fine surface detail which I don’t want to lose. I changed the nozzle setting in Cura to 0.2.

Thank you!

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Usually 70°C is pretty high for PLA. Normally 60°C is good.

Also you might adjust the Z offset and flow like you said might not be

Someone else might chime in and give better suggestions… :thinking:

You will need to likely reduce your layer heights as 0.4 layer height is usually a little too much for an 0.2 nozzle.

You should find that a 0.2 nozzle requires parameters such as the following…

Layer Height – 0.08 mm
First Layer Height – 0.12 mm
Layer/Extrusion Width – 0.15 – 0.25 mm

I would also recommend running the calibration tests to ensure you are extruding the correct amount of filament…

Creality Print Calibration Tutorial

Thank you for the suggestions!

My layer height is set to .05 but I had my first layer set to 0.4. I’ll change that to 0.12 and give it another try. All my line widths are set to 0.2.

Thank you again!

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You are very welcome :slight_smile:

The print finally printed successfully with an extruder temp of 210 and slowing the print speed to 70%. In printing the 2nd part, the print has failed twice in exactly the same way. The trapezoidal area is supposed to be a support. But after a few passes, the nozzle rips the plastic off the support and strews it around the printing plate. I’m using Cura’s default settings on the support. Overall, the other settings are:

Nozzle width: 0.2
Initial Layer: 0.12
Top/Bottom Layer: 0.8
Layer Height: 0.05

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Try upping your layer height to 0.08 as it could be that 0.05 is too thin to adhere correctly.