Mention Beagleprint Camera

Anybody using (or used) a Mintion Beagleprint camera? I’m really happy with the camera, but I’m still having trouble getting it to cooperate with the printer (Creality Ender-3 Max Neo). I should be able to both control and monitor the printer, but so far all I can do besides watching the print is monitor the temperatures. Anyone have experience with this?

Are you printing from the SD card in the printer or by uploading the gcode file to the camera?
You can only control the print if you’ve uploaded the gcode file to the camera & are using the camera interface to print it

Ah. That was going to be my next step; that clarifies things. I was thinking of the camera as a monitor rather than as a remote control for the printer. So the camera effectively replaces the printer control box for the print function. I’m wondering if the Z-offset setting on the printer overrides the camera setting, or vice versa. I think a little careful experimenting is in order; unfortunately, the info from Creality is somewhat lost in translation on the details. Thanks for the tip and your time.

Yes That’s pretty much it. As far as I can tell the z offset from the printer takes priority unless you change it on the camera dashboard. I haven’t used the z offset on the camera but have adjusted it on the printer whilst I’ve been printing from the camera & it does still affect the print