My KE is playing up

I did a factory reset and now it won’t have the correct Z offset. I should be about -2.4mm but it won’t retain that number so each print I have to reset it and it won’t retain the number. Rather frustrating My SE doesn’t do this problem.

Make sure you don’t have “print calibration” checked when printing the model. I did that and had to re calibrate the Z every time until I figured it out. :roll_eyes:

been there done that, it is not that. I need to make a bigger skirt to tune first. Annoying as worked perfect until the reset :frowning:

Did the Z offset actually work after the auto calibration/Z? Mine always needs about 0.01-0.05 and I just tried the Sunlu brand and it required almost a -1.0 adjustment.

Did the auto calibrate and then had to manually change it to -2.4. She was working perfectly until I did the reset. If I could write it into Gcode or the firmware.

It’s not storing your adjustment so every time you print you have to change the Z? There must be a setting checked off somewhere which resets it each print. That’s insane it doesn’t store.

Yes and it is rather annoying, checked my settings and don’t know why they don’t stick. Done resets on my other printers and they are fine.

And it’s slicer independent meaning it doesn’t matter what slicer you use? Hard to grasp why that’s happening with a reset if the OG firmware was the same. Has to be some hidden setting.