My printer keeps shutting down!

OK I am beyond words right now. I added the 'Official" Sprite Pro Direct Drive Hotend Kit and added it to my Ender 3.

I had this issue immediately. I’d send a print to it and as soon as the hotend started heating up it’d shut down. Just now I decided I’d take a loot I literally only took it apart. added some thermal compoound (there was NONE) and tried it not mounted to my printer just to see if it worked, VOILA it did! went to 200 no issues. HORAH!

Then…I mount it to my printer, and the SAME THING IS HAPPENING! shuts down as soon as the hotend starts warming up. I’m about to throw this damn printer out the window.

Might be a faulty kit. Might be a power supply issue too. If the og hotend heats up without shutting down then it is a faulty kit and you might want to return it to the seller that you bought it from.

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Did the printer work ok before you put new hotend kit on…?

Check the side of the extruder, there is usually a plug that is poked up above the part cooling fan, pull out the cable and plug it into the side of the Sprite extruder. You should then find the extruder will work normally.