New MainBoard & Direct Drive, Leaning Prints

On my Ender 3 Max, I just installed a 4.2.7 quiet board, and upgraded the extruder to a direct drive.

The installations seemed to go well, and I’ve done the usual calibrations (E-steps, PID, levelling etc)
I’m doing my best to understand why my prints are leaning. I’ve tried:

  • tightening X&Y axis belts

  • tightening stepper grub screw

  • tightening new direct drive pulley wheels

  • checked Vref’s on mainboard (all OK)

    So in the picture, the legs of this design are supposed to be going straight down, not outward as shown. I find it odd the main part of the print looks fine but the parts that travel along the Z-axis seem to be doing something unusual. Before I installed the new mainboard yesterday, this wasn’t a problem. (Btw, my old mainboard died)

Well it was a Cura setting, ‘Enable Jerk Control’ was On, and I read somewhere this setting can cause prints to shift. There ya go.

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Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue @Slypty01 :slight_smile:

Oh oh… Now I’m worried. I have “Jerk Control” on by default in Creality Print. Not sure what it does.

Hasn’t caused any problems though yet… :crossed_fingers:

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Well if it isn’t jerk control, I did use a new SD Card. Maybe I’m spreading misinformation?

Well someone else said ‘jerk control’ causes leaning by the DEFAULT ‘settings’ in Cura… meaning if you’ve tweaked them some, maybe it won’t lean if you know what you’re doing.