Newbie having trouble printing

I cannot seem to get my brand new s 31 pro to print, it drags and not sticking to bed

May have to lower your z offset down. Have you gone through the bed levelling process of each corner with a bit of paper then adjusted your offset correctly before running the auto bed levelling sequence

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What @amberhelios said…

Clean the bed with ISO (alcohol) and what temps are you using for the nozzle and bed…?

Even with auto leveling you still have to check the Z offset to make sure the nozzle is the correct distance.
I usually print a flat 100 x 100 mm thin sheet and watch how the filament lays down. On some machines and slicers you can change the Z offset while the machine is printing…
Make small changes… A minus # means the nozzle is that much closer to the bed. For example -.10 moves the nozzle .10 closer to the bed.

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using 200 and 60 temps,

That’s pretty close. I’d bump the nozzle to 220°C and see how that works…

Do some research online about Z offset and get that set.
Also make sure the filament is dry.

Thanks, got it working OK now at 210, and adjusted z offset.

Good to hear…!! :+1: Glad we were able to help…

Have fun…!