Noisy wheels in the x and y axles

The wheels of my Ender 3 V2 Max Neo makes a lot of nois. I tried to solve the problem
but no success. Is there a repair manual for this problem?



Are you printing at high speeds? I’m actually printing now (with a V3KE) at a relatively high speed for a Lithophane with light holder and it’s pretty noisy. When I print slower I don’t hear it at all. My belts are tight and rails greased too. I think it might be normal because a previous V3KE I had exhibited the same noise at high speeds. I must say the noise was pretty concerning.

Hi Lensman

Thank you for your comment. When the x and y travels it is at the most. So i adjusted the wheels several times but no luck. I keep looking for a solution.

Are you adjusting them properly? Just pinching them overtight would be enough to make noise. Undertight also noise. Belt tension a little slack? How worn are the wheels? UPE wheels v POM? I have seen some Kevlar wheels but I think they might wear the aluminium.

Too bad there’s not a tension gauge setting to reference. That would certainly take the guess work out.

The noise seems to be a know problem because TEMU has a linear rail system for
the Max Neo.

Would you happen to have a link? I"m looking to replace the bed rods with rails on my KE. take your pick depending on budget or if you a full stainless set or even a black set. There are hundreds to choose from.

Sorry to see the information is in Dutch, but the pictures give a lot of information on the construction.