Please help me with my Ender 3 V3 KE

Hello, for a few months now(i got this printer last Christmas), my printer has had massive issues with bed adhesion and i have tried, among other things, cleaning out the nozzle, cleaning the build plate, and re-leveling the bed multiple times. this is my first 3D printer and i don’t know what to do. Every time I have done the included benchy print it has worked even recently but every other print i have tried has come off the bed. please help.

Try wash your bed with dish soap. After that don’t touch your hand on bed surface. Print at bed temp 60. Also, check if the nozzle knock the print off the bed ?

Z offset, although the printer has carried out the autolevel it normally needs the Z height adjusting a little for best adhesion. When I print I normally print with a 3-5 wide skirt, I can adjust the Z offset whilst it is printing this skirt and you should then get a good print. Once I have this set I do not recalibrate unless there is a major change, such as new nozzle or change of bed plate. It will be happy like this for months (or unless I start tinkering). Get that first layer tuned in, it takes practice but you can see a good layer after a while. Same with my other printers, once it is set just leave it be.

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