Printer stops at 85%

Good evening, I have the creality ender 3v3 that when it reaches 85% of the output it stops moving. The temperature of the nozzle remains stable where I had set it, as well as the bed. I also tried a second print and it did exactly the same thing at the same point, it just stops and does nothing.

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Ender-3 V3…?

You mean when a print is 85% done it just stops…?

How is the print up to that point…?

I have creality ender 3v3 KE. Printing up to this point is pretty good. The printer just stops at the same point.
Thank you for your time!

How do you get it to continue…? Rebooting it…?

I wonder if something is overheating… Motherboard fan not running or…?

I cant continue, it just stops with the temperature of the nozzle and the bed where I have preset it(210 ,60 ) . Even if I press stop or pause, nothing changes. I have to turn off the power to get it back.

Hello, in the end, the problem was resolved. I uninstalled Creality Slicer and reinstalled it. I did a test print and everything is working fine!
Thank you!

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Glad you got it resolved.

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what a strange issue with the slice

good news its resolved

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