Small issue with the Z axis

intermittent problem with my SE. It will print perfectly 1st, 2nd, 3rd layers etc but it gets to about layer 10 and the nozzle seems to be dragging as if it were too low. I manually raise the Z offset by 0.1mm and it improves. Happened a coupe of times. I wonder if the Z axis is having an issue.

Seems it must be something to do with the file, same problem when I run the same file on the KE.

Bad part design, should have been made solid with gyroid infill not trying to design it like a moulded part.

Just curious. What do you mean molded part. What is different between a regular print…?

I’ve had kind of the same issue once in awhile with the default grid pattern where the nozzle sound like it’s going over sand paper during the infill @ 15%… I thought it was because of the movement from warping lifts the part some…maybe…?

Yes to the sandpaper comment, that is what it was, lifting the Z offset helped I don’t why it does it.

Modelled a part for injection moulding rather than as a printed part. The moulded part would have thin ribs for strength. The printed part doesn’t really like printing lots of thin ribs or draft angles and doesn’t really need to. Make the part solid where needed and rely on infill to remove material weight whilst retaining strength.

:+1: Got it…