Stuck on unknown screen

Looked through a lot of post but didn’t see this topic, sorry if it is a duplicate. I have an Ender Series 3 S1 Pro running firmware with screen version V1.0.5, I have tried using Creality Slicer, Creality Print and Prusa Slicer and i get held up at the same screen every time. After hitting Print and selecting my file and get this screen

If i hit “Yes” nothing happens and if i hit “no” it takes me back out of the print screen. I am not sure what it is asking me to do.

Hello @PrintBunny

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Is the filament running through the filament sensor…?

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Well now i feel silly, I had been using the printer with the laser attachment and just switched it back to FDM and the sensor was flipped back and i didn’t even think about it. Thank you!

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You are quite welcome.

Not a problem… Glad you’re back printing… :+1:

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