Web Browser Gone (pufff...)

I just did an update to the latest version (Nebula) for my V3 KE and now the web interface is blank. Same exact IP address but no UI on the screen, just a blank grey screen.


I figured out it’s a problem with Firefox and not the printer. Web UI works fine in MS Edge.

I use Firefox mostly but every time there is an update I find something gets messed up… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How do you fix that, clear the cache I assume? I hate doing that as it messes up all my saved info for other sites.

It’s usually little things that are security related. I never clear the cache normally. If it’s really bad I check to see the update log on the Firefox site and what problems other users are having after the update…

Firefox Support

I cleared my cache and still nothing. :rage:
It’s a pain going from one browser to the other.
It’s never a “straight line” is it. Always something. SNAFU :roll_eyes:

Firefox 122.0.1 64bit