What's going on here?

I’m having an issue with laying down the first layer of material. As you can see by the images I have some dragging in certain spots and I can’t figure out why as it’s not consistent print to print. Some prints I have to completely stop because of the clumping and others I can let go and the rest of the print comes out very nice. I’m calibrating each print and have swapped filaments to no avail. I’ve not attempted adjusting the Z as I’m not up to speed on that yet. It seems that other KE owners are having the same issue.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi @Lensman

It looks like your first layer is not being laid on the bed correctly and as a result is peeling up during the print or is not adhering to the bed.

I would recommend cleaning the print surface with IPA to ensure no grease or debris is on the bed. I would then recommend adjusting your z offset slightly in the slicer by -0.05mm. You should hopefully see an improvement in print quality.
This can be done by selecting Edit on the profile in Creality Print, then toggle the advanced button at the top of the window followed by selecting Experimental in the sidebar, you should then see a tick box to “Enable Gcode Offset(z)” along with a box to enter a value once ticked. By default it should insert a value of -0.05.

I am also seeing what could possibly be slight under extrusion so I would also recommend running the calibration tests to ensure your flow rate is correct. Here is a link to the calibration guide…

Creality Print Calibration Tutorial

Great, thank you for that information. I’ve already cleaned the bed with IPA but haven’t attempted the other steps yet. I’m sure that will clear it up.

Thanks for the help and links!

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You are very welcome, keep us updated as to how you get on :slight_smile: