Z offset problem or something i dont know

Hello guys, i need help.

Im new to 3d printing and got the KE. It was printing really well until i changed the hot-end cause i accidentally broke the ceramic of the last one.

I bought hot-end for k1max cause i cant find any hotend replacement for KE, the wires are too short but i managed to install it. But now i have bed level problems and z offset is little bit high even if it calibrated. I have to manually set the zoffset for it to print nicely.

I need your help guys to bring it back like it used to be. I cant always manually adjust the settings cause im afraid if im gonna change something else and dont know what to do with it.

Sorry for my English.

Hi @Christian_Torion and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend reaching out to the support team to see what suggestions they can offer, they may even be able to send you a new hotend. It could be that the one you have purchased is not fully compatible with your printer and is in-turn causing the issues with the z offset. You should also be able to specify a z offset in most slicers such as Orcaslicer so that it is applied to every print rather than having to adjust it manually each time.