@Cordero808 1. check the installation of z-axis pulleys on both sides, and adjust the installation tightening screws of pulleys 2. Check the installation of the Z-axis coupling and screw rod, unlock the connecting screws of the coupling and screw rod, re-lock the screws, and re-vertically adjust the screw rod parallel to the Z-axis profile 3. Unlock the connection of the coupling, control the operation of the Z-axis motor by using the Z-axis movement parameters, and check the working state of the Z-axis motor. https://youtu.be/X6F0HdpJFHA Ender-3 V2 Rigid coupling disassembly and assembly 3D animation9 https://youtu.be/prsrUBpqBOg Ender-3 V2 X、Y、Z axis 42-34 motor disassembly and assembly 3D animation