My Ender 3 Max didn't come with two Z axis screw, not sure what @admin is referring to. I'd like to add a second Z screw as well to prevent the inconsistent level on the opposite side of the bed from where my Z screw is. Adding the BL touch leveler just seems to make this issue worse. I've only seen one dual z upgrade available for the Max but it uses a belt and tensioner which I can't see being that much of an improvement. I would think it would have too much variance using an addon belt. I'd prefer to get an additional stepper motor for the second Z screw. I was thinking using the upgrade kit used for the pro and v2 but get a 500mm screw to use in place of the included Z screw. However I don't know if this will work either, I am not sure if voltage is sufficient on the Max to run two Z axis stepper motors. I have seen posts for these upgrade kits where the voltage was sufficient for their use. Has anyone actually gotten a dual Z axis screw and stepper installed and working on the Max? Board - 4.2.2 FW - BLT