BL touch 3.1 on orginal cr10 with orange inserts in frame

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    Hello I am writing again this is 2nd request for help

    I own a CR10 bought. I believe it was your 1st version has the orange plastic inserts in the 2x2 frame .
    I just received the BL touch v3.1 I have what I believe is a v1 board there is no marking as to the version on board but it does look like the paperwork shows of the V1
    I am attempting to load the board with the supplied burner but it will not work on any computer I try it shows unavailable hardware.
    I do get a blue led right next to the connection on the main board.
    Can you please help solve issue so I can finish installation.
    I love machine it is stock and runs great but would love the auto bed level.
    I purchased the BL touch from amazon from official BL AntcLabs and 1st unit the usb stick was dead and not working so I contacted and new setup was sent
    I am now trying to get the new usb to read, it lights up with red led on stick and computer recognizes but will not allow me to read anything ( will not show up as a device on computer.
    Please help this is very frustrating to have something that won’t work twice.

    Here is a pic of main board.

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