BL Touch connection

  • Can somebody please let me know what kind of connector(s) is/are on the expansion board to accept BL Touch? Is it the same as on the BL Touch itself/JST/Dupont/??

    Even better can you post a photo please?

    It seems there is no BL Touch sold specifically for Ender 6 yet (@ Creality: when? 😬 ) , but it sounds like it's possible. I'm just trying to find which purchase option is best. Also open to tips.


  • @GGGGGG Great, thanks for the info! 👍

    Now debating whether to buy the BL touch bare and make my own extension cable, which should be easy enough (connector kit and a 5-wire ribbon), orrr just get it readymade off banggood. Just found they have a new creality kit there, listing compatibility with Ender-6, for not much more. Anyway i know enough thanks.

    Strange how the webshop is still not selling this printer or anything for it 🤔

  • It JST ph 2.0 5 pin same as BLtouch itself

    and I use V3.1 and it work fine now

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