BL Touch connection

  • Can somebody please let me know what kind of connector(s) is/are on the expansion board to accept BL Touch? Is it the same as on the BL Touch itself/JST/Dupont/??

    Even better can you post a photo please?

    It seems there is no BL Touch sold specifically for Ender 6 yet (@ Creality: when? 😬 ) , but it sounds like it's possible. I'm just trying to find which purchase option is best. Also open to tips.


  • @telephasic I was buy a 3.1, but not work corectly.. Firsttime printer was correctly, second print was terrible.. Not leveled, not print anything.. Printer start ** heating, after taht, eveling, after leveling start print, but status bar immediately show 100% and nothing happend.. I try it with more sliced models..

  • Thought i would follow up what i found, in case somebody else is doing the same...

    Connection on BL-Touch itself is actually not JST-PH 2.0, but a Molex Picoblade 1.25 5-pin.
    It is indeed the same connector on the Ender-6 breakout board.
    So as Hankster metioned, chopping another cable will work.

    The breakout board comes from factory plugged into the BL-Touch connection on the mainboard. That connection on the mainboard must be the JST-PH 2.0 (I assume, could still be wrong).

    I got a BL-Touch v3.1 from banggood:
    (Banggood Creality BL Touch link)
    That kit comes with a 1.4m cable which is meant to plug into mainboard JST-PH 2.0, not the breakout board Picoblade 1.25. So it is misleading what they say on product page:
    "Applicable Model: CR-10/Ender-3 series/Ender-5/Ender-5 Pro/Ender-6
    Easy to install, download the BL-touch on Creality Official website, directly insery it into the 3D printer to update the program."

    1.4m is not enough to get to the mainboard. So in the end, I'll need to either

    • chop the JST-PH off the cable, mount a Picoblade connector (either crimp on a new $0.20 connector or splice on the end of another $5 BL-Touch cable)
    • use both ends of this cable, but splice a length of 5-wire cable in the middle to make it reach. bypass the breakout board, and go direct to mainboard.


  • @Hankster thanks for the tip.

    I just thought €6+ for the extension was a bit unnecessary. Decided to roll the dice with the banggood creality "ender-6" bl touch, and replace the connector if needed.

    Trying to extract details beforehand, of what cables and connectors that kit comes with was far too stressful for me, so i just ordered it. Once it arrives I'll report what it came with.

    I read there have been issues with polarity being flipped on some bl touches, frying printers(!), so will check that out before soldering.

  • If you buy a BL Touch from Antclabs with a 1.5M extension you'll have everything you need. Just swap the two cables to start with, then fish the extension cable through the housing going from the extruder to the rear of the printer before mounting the BL Touch in place under the extruder housing. Take the short cable removed from the BL Touch, and cut off the two connectors (3pin and 2pin) strip and tin the wire ends. Then remove the excess cable that was fished through from the extruder (apx 18 inches) strip and tin the ends. Solder the two cable ends together matching colors and use tap or heat shrink tubing to insulate the soldered connections.

  • @GGGGGG Great, thanks for the info! 👍

    Now debating whether to buy the BL touch bare and make my own extension cable, which should be easy enough (connector kit and a 5-wire ribbon), orrr just get it readymade off banggood. Just found they have a new creality kit there, listing compatibility with Ender-6, for not much more. Anyway i know enough thanks.

    Strange how the webshop is still not selling this printer or anything for it 🤔

  • It JST ph 2.0 5 pin same as BLtouch itself

    and I use V3.1 and it work fine now

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