cr-6 SE SD slot issue

  • this morning when I was going to print some things, I inserted the SD card, heard the click, so the SD card should firmly sit in its slot but..

    it does not, its really loose, like if nothing is holding it in place.
    the SD just sits further in when I hear the click, but nothing holding it in place, even the small vibrations from the printer caused the card to be "unreadable" during a print.

    anyone else have this problem? any fix?

  • @FPacios the sd reader issie had been common, not knowing how many Cr6 they sold i would say % level. I received a new main board but I didn't make the swap yet because in the meantime I started using an extension cable and this is still working well.

  • Same issue here.
    Inseting SD Card I hear the "click" but SD slot does not hold SD card in place, so it is very easy to take it out without having to push it in for the mechanism to release it after another "click" (as it should be).
    In my case, I had never an "unreadable" situation during printing but I imagine, that will happen if vibration is hard enough or maybe just with time.
    Will write my supplier to ask for a solution.

  • @gnlman I had the same issue, with the SD card not locking in. Eventually the printer didn't recognize any SD cards and no files were displayed.

    I sent an email directly to Creality, where tech support stated they would ship me a new mainboard (which contains the card reader as well). Waiting now for my tracking number on this.

  • @admin. I am having the same issue seems like the eject mechanism is jammed or broken. Anyone else having this issue, and is there a way to repair the SD eject mechanism.

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