Cr-10 S5 keep pausing

  • The printer is new.
    It worked fine for fee days.
    Then it started to PAUSE PRINTING, for no reason.
    I can resume printing, but after few hours, paused again.
    Once I get a filament error.
    I decided to bypass the filament sensor and haven't fail.
    Any ideas how to fix my filament sensor,?

  • This is happening to me all the time. I can't complete a print because the stupid filament sensor keeps telling the printer there is no filament in the system. Th problem is the filament stays in one place while the printer head continues to move up and down causing the filament to bend in the sensor. this is a bad design. How to I avoid this problem from ruining more of my prints? I have yet to produce a single good print from my ne CR-10 v2.

  • Hi, @caplevel, could you make a video to show what's the problem? Depend on your words, we are hard to know what is going on. Thank you.

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