Why does my printer ignore some files?

  • A quick question, if I may. This happens seemingly randomly. I will download an STL file from say Thingiverse. I then get the Creality Slicer to do its thang. Take the uSD card to the printer, insert the card and turn on the printer. Then, nothing, the printer fails to see the file. This sends me into a rinse and repeat cycle to no avail. What am I doing wrong? I am finding it somewhat frustrating.

  • Dear @doddsy

    The printer does not recognize the card

    1. Format the memory card first, then re-copy the gcode file to test
    2. Replace the memory card with a new one to test (less than 16G)
    3. gcode file name can not exceed 16 characters; can not have special symbols
    4. SD card stick a little alcohol repeatedly unplugged

  • @doddsy Same here, except the same card works fine in one printer, and will not refresh in another. Seems more a firmware issue.

  • @doddsy
    I have the same problem, SD cards seem to fail. 16G and less is limiting the use of SD card. Once I switched the card seems to show the files to print.

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