CR-6 SE Power Issue

  • Hi @admin, I received my CR-6 SE last week and it has been printing okay for a few days. However, since yesterday, the machine shuts down whenever I tried to print. See the video below:

    Is it a power switch issue?

    I have also sent the video to with my backer # and serial #. Anything else I can do to help diagnose this issue?

    Thank you,

  • Swapped my switch out. It wasn't burned but the issue still persists. @admin, can we get some feedback on this? Is this known issue? Loose connections to recheck specifically? This is way past rediculous.

  • @dc88 I opened up switch this morning and it was burnt! I sent a note to the support. Hopefully I will get a replacement soon.

  • @dc88 please let me know how the new switch behaves... I hope that solves the problem. Then I can try the same too. I agree it's frustrating.

  • I might try that. I ended up buying a new switch of amazon last night based on another thread recommendations of the type to get. I'll likely just do the swap out first, and see how it behaves. This is very frustrating. I've had this printer since end of Sept, but have yet to get to print anything on it because of issue after issue.

  • I think we can check if it’s a switch issue by bypassing the switch like this:

    However I would like an official @admin answer before I go ahead and try that.


  • I just got the replacement mobo in my CR-6 and I'm experiencing this behavior as well. Only it does it when I just attempt to preheat, or auto-level which kicks off hot-end preheat.

    This issue is also what was in place with the previous motherboard, prior to it getting fried from the whole USB fiasco. Leads me to believe something else is at play to. I'm curious to know if this is related to the power switch problem as well.

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